Basic Network Security Tips You Need for Your Small Business


Do you think that your business is too small hence cybercriminals will not even bother attacking it? Well, it’s time that you changed your thinking. This is because according to the latest cyber-attack reports, cybercriminals usually target small business most of the time. Out of the company that typically get attacked, 43% of them are small businesses.


If you want to ensure that all your business data are secured, here are some basic network security tips that you can adopt.

  • Educate Your Employees

Human error is one of the biggest threats in cybersecurity. Human error includes mistakes like not updating passwords regularly, leaving the accounts open on computers that are shared, downloading malicious files unknowingly and so on.

To help mitigate some of this risks that might bring down your small business, you need to educate your employees on cybersecurity. You should inform your employees on how they can spot phishing scams. You should also talk about the importance of updating software regularly. You should put up security policies in place and ensure that your employees understand these policies.

  • Safeguard Your Wi-Fi

If your business has a Wi-Fi, cybercriminals can use this public network as their point of entry. However, you can take security steps to ensure that cybercriminals don’t get an easy entry into your business files. You can secure your Wi-Fi by using a firewall to encrypt all your data. You can also hide your network so that non-employees cannot access it. You can achieve this by setting your router so that it does not broadcast the name of your Wi-Fi.

  • Use a VPN

To give your business an extra layer of security when browsing, you will need a Virtual Private Network. VPN will provide your business with protection as it will route all your data first through the VPN servers. This data will be encrypted, and you will also be given a new IP address to mask your identity.

When choosing the best VPN for your business, ensure that you download strong vpn, one that is capable of providing that your passwords and files are not intercepted.

  • Keep Your Software Updated

Outdated software is one of the leading causes of cyber-attacks. Cybercriminals usually have advanced software that is capable of breaking through most security systems. If your software is not up to date, then you will be more susceptible to being hacked. You need always to keep your software updated.

Is this not enough? Watch a video for more tips and keep your business safe.